I started my journey in 1984 as a college student. I am by taking over the sick family unit of manufacturing of corrugated boxes and turning it in to a short span of time profit making venture, which led me in to in top five production house. In the year 2004, I entered in Real Estate field which was a turning point of my business, Alhumdolillah with Dua & good support of my well-wishers, it was a profitable business for me.

In the year 2008, I have purchased a plot behind NID, Paldi (Ahmedabad) for my first project "TANIR ARCADE". After getting good grip in Real Estate, I also entered in Construction Business. It was started on 8th, April, 2010, is complete in 10th April, 2013. Small but a hi-end, lavish with full of amenities.

I am always influence with the quality projects, when the structure is getting ready I used to visit so many reputed builders site and always trying to give my best, if they can do then why cannot I do, this way I started my work and completed with the best quality structure, a quality flooring, a unique kitchen and designer bathroom with hi-end quality product.

I never ever compromise with the quality and that is why this is the first ever hi-end project in our Paldi area. Really, it’s proud for me and my team work.

I, really thankful to our Architect, our Structural Engineer and specially I am really thankful to my Interior Designer for his unique idea and complete site under his guideline. I am also thankful to our site engineers, building contractor, flooring, electric and plumbing team and all respective person who work or to be a part of my project. I never ever forget my all well wishers, who helped me whole heartedly to complete my first project.

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